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Process Journal 2

Picking up from where we left off, my goal here was to make the actual content. I settled on the following items for my series:

  • Hakama
  • Choli
  • Yukata
  • Leotard
  • Huipil
  • Boubou
  • Cheongsam
  • Vera Mukhina patterns

Drawing from Amy's advice on writing more about the colonial histories of these outfits and on Laurel's advice on looking at modern renditions of these pieces, I decided to do both. For pieces that are meant to be draped and have a relatively simple "sewing"construction, or no sewing at all, I stuck to researching past and present renditions. For pieces that were meant to be tailored, I tried to create my own versions using CLO3D, alongside providing historical context and researching designer versions as well. Here are the some videos I screen recorded of myself attempting these versions. Disclaimer there were a few massive failures: Vera Mukhina 2: Choli: Qipao:

And then for researching images and content, just a lot of google scholar and Instagram. This to me was the funnest part, as I am always looking for new designers and sources of inspiration.

- 1 toast