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Process Journal 5

So here are the suggestions I got during our midterm presentation of the series. Since then I have made some progress in implementing them and some other ideas...

  1. Take the "modern day renditions" of the silhouettes, mask the people to create paper dolls, and add them as draggable elements over a background in a page
  2. Create a magazine-like home page, and move the content in the home page to the about page
  3. Like different editorials within each magazine, play a little bit with the color schemes, background colors, and layout of each entry so that they can convey the variety of silhouettes and fashions from all the cultures throughout the rest of the world

1 and 2. Instead of getting the "modern day rendition" masks, I actually masked some avatars that I use in CLO3D and the patterns that I developed from Vera Mukhina's book (which were totally unscaled and had no size reference), and put them as draggable elements in the home page. I mixed these two suggestions to put this all in the homepage so it would look like a vogue magazine cover. I added buttons that let you select among different backgrounds and avatars, adding the "customize-ability" element to it to give the user freedom to design their own cover. I'm still struggling with the code to make the avatars draggable, but we'll get there!

  1. In the spirit of a digital "magazine" model, I thought about the types of spreads and texts that you'll find in fashion magazines. There's the product pages, editorials, editor's letter, and DIY articles... So I tried to structure the different series entries around these models so that each entry had their own style but still followed the general website aesthetic.

I also rewrote part of the code so that it would be more responsive, but this is still a WIP. Process photos here:

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