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Process Journal 7

So this week, I spent a lot of time on the website making some tweaks and debugging. Here is a list of my progress:

  • Implemented my new idea for the Boubou and Huipile pages (screen on screen scrolling), with A LOT of help from Laurel (now I know how iFrame's kind of work, thank you), and cleaned what I already had so that the page flow was smooth and symmetrical
  • Implemented the customizable magazine cover home page. Originally it was a full screen shifting background, but because it was just a lot of wide unused space I put everything inside a magazine shaped div box that would maintain its form regardless of window width. I'm quite happy with it, and spent quite some time finding and making the right cover backgrounds
  • Added a page about the gathering where one can find more readings about the political economy of fashion (and patternmaking I suppose).
  • Added more external links to everything, photos, databases, archives, brands, sources
  • Customized the yukata page so that it actually looked like a magazine spread, with "editorial mode" and "diy modes" for the view
  • Added some nice colorful backgrounds to different pages for some extra spice
  • And just did more cleaning on the edits I had already done on the Leotard and Hakama pages

-Added alt text to all the images

Things I learned:

  • How text and img's inherit their parent divs' properties
  • How to use iFrames and more on playing around with JavaScript
  • How the things that we wear and make to wear, both in terms of functionality and aesthetics, are shaped by forces of capitalism and imperialism

Process here:

Limitations/Areas of improvement:

  • This project, as I originally designed it, really was meant only for widescreens. As a result, to make it fully responsive I would like to actually reprogram and redesign each page so that the mobile form is its own experience
  • If I had more time, I would have liked to program some pop-up "ads". Semi full page spreads, maybe here it would have been fun to talk about the language we use to describe and value different silhouettes/patterns/cuts (e.g. sexy, elegant, revealing, structured, flattering, oversized, "playful", etc.). As Laurel had suggested, these ads could be good reading "breaks," and I would have liked to have programmed them to pop up every 3 minutes or so

- 1 toast