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Website Structure for my Series Project

I want the website to read like a magazine, with pages, an overload of colors and information that lets you really take your time with each page, and with additional features such as gifs, auto-played videos, horizontal scrolling, and interactive elements like hovers and links.

Each series entry will have the following aspects:

  • Process tiktok or short video
  • Historical information on the silhouette/structure
  • A recipe: pattern + instructions
  • Images of people wearing the style
  • Images and process photos of my own making (3D CAD modelling and also physical remake)

I want to incorporate a horizontal scroll to keep the page from getting too long vertically, and include a header and footer in the top that links to the next patterns.

I'm going to make the following patterns:

  • yukata
  • choli
  • qipao or cheongsam
  • huipil
  • jupe et tebas
  • Vera Mukhina patterns
  • Some of my own adaptations

There are a few themes that I am the most interested in exploring in this series:

  • Gender and class expressions in clothing
  • History of European imperialism in shaping traditional wear (which will definitely also touch on the topic above too)
  • Garment production and construction within a societal context (industrialization, materials, class and work, reuse, and generational heirloom)

Link to board:

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