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Week 3 Reading Response

Of course I'm going to blame our education system. Creating a workflow that is meant to prioritize your own creative interests and needs AS THEY COME, a work flow that doesn't necessarily work around a specific deadlines but can still maintain discipline and sustain itself, was never allowed in a system where deadlines, grades, and a very linear progression towards success were the norm. I understand the value of the waterfall and agile models when it comes to teamwork towards a larger goal, especially under a corporate/work environment, but I found this podcast particularly useful in thinking about planning for individual projects and learning. As someone who draws the will to live from my own personal side projects, nurturing good habits that allow for sustained creation is really, really important and something I really struggle with. For projects like the series and a lot of the collective work I'm involved in, the end goal is almost never a shiny, packaged finished product, but an ongoing process of improvement and evolution. I found the analogy to TV shows very interesting and helpful too.

- 1 toast